P2V-5 Neptune

P2V-5 Neptune
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The Lockheed P2V Neptune was a naval patrol bomber and anti-submarine warfare aircraft for the United States Navy (USN) between 1947 and 1978. It replaced the PV-1 Ventura and the PV-2 Harpoon and was successful in export, seeing service with several armed forces around the world. Development of the Neptune began early in World War II, but was considered a low priority compared to other aircraft in development at that time. It was not until 1944 that the program went into full swing. Th…

Military aircraft replica. Hand-painted finish on hand-crafted mahogany. Model is 1/72 to scale of real aircraft. Naval patrol bomber and anti-submarine. 1947 – Post-World War II era. Aircraft designed and manufactured by Lockheed. 16 L inches; wingspan: 17.38 inches.

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P2V-5 Neptune